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How to Build Mental Toughness... For Powerlifting
Mental toughness is not unique in strength sports. Everyone can learn a lesson or two for success. Here are 4 ways YOU can take your mental game to the next level.
The 4 BEST Exercises for Powerlifters
Here are 4 exercises for powerlifters to take their powerlifting program to the next level. These can be used by nearly any body and useful knowledge for everybody. Did yours make the cut?
How to Get Fit Like a Nerd
Are you ready to get fit like a nerd? Follow Max as he dives into four tips you can take this year to achieve YOUR goals and succeed with anything that comes your way.
What Makes a Good Powerlifting Coach?
What should a powerlifter look for in a powerlifting coach? In this article Payton dives into some key points ANYONE can look out for and use as a guide post.
How to be a Coachable Powerlifter
Are you a powerlifter who is also coachable? Today Payton dives into what it takes to establish a great coach/lifter relationship for an athlete. Are you ready to improve?
Back like Baki - Powerlifting Back Workout
If you're your back workout routine is stale, then this is for YOU. Whether you are looking for a one off session or something to throw in as you grow, Baki has your BACK.
The BEST Anime for Powerlifters
What anime  get you hyped to PR? While this  doesn't contain every action anime series out there, it's a great start if you are new to anime and want to lift beyond your means!
Reviewing LEGENDARY Anime Workout Scenes
When it comes to reviewing an anime workout, no opinion may be fully correct. But today, Max and Payton join forces to give THEIR thoughts on some incredibly impact scenes.
What is Powerlifting Exactly?
Have you asked yourself, what is powerlifting? Then this article is for you. Max dives into the history of powerlifting, the different areas and who it's good for.
YOUR Beginner Powerlifting Guide
Do you have the right training in place for your first powerlifting meet? Do you even know how TO powerlift? Follow Max on this free powerlifting training starter guide.
Shaping Your Fitness Goals Like Chakra
Do you have a hard time visualizing your fitness goals? If you do, follow along with Evan and shape them up so you can achieve your dreams!
Recovery Lessons from All Might
If you've spent time training HARD, you have encountered feeling run down and depleted. What can you do about it? Follow Max as he covers how to recover from training.
New Year's Resolutions SUCK: Chase Goals like a Protagonist
With 2021 ending, it is time to think about “New Year's Resolutions”. They usually suck. Follow along with Payton as he breaks down how to not fail at the start of the new year.
Eat and Recover Like Goku: Holiday Diet Tips
When the holidays hit, will how will YOU treat your diet? Follow Payton as he breaks down how to make the MOST of your celebrations and stay sane.
IPL Worlds 2021 Recap

Follow Max as he takes on the biggest meet of his life. 500+ lifters, 4 days, 2 platforms and one MASSIVE hotel venue. It's time for the bar to move.

Injury Management: Redemption Arc
Whether you are fighting Cell or battling your way to Femto, everyone suffers drawbacks in their conquest to their final goal. Here's how you can bounce back quick for a redemption arc.
Training Motivation: Relight Your Fuse
When powerlifting training takes a hit, could motivation be the culprit? Follow Payton as he breaks down 3 areas to relight your fuse.
Nutrition: How We Eat to Lift
What you put into your body affect how you train in the gym. Payton breaks down how you are what you eat.
Powerlifting with Payton - Week 2
Welcome to week 2 of Powerlifting with Payton! This series will follow the  lessons from someone working their way up in the powerlifting world!
Leg's Like Luffy - Anime Workout Routines
Do you want to build legs that can take down warlords? Or maybe you want to add spice to your leg workout? Then Leg's like Luffy is a killer way to go about it.
Powerlifting with Payton - Week 1
Welcome to week 1 of Powerlifting Training with Payton Cowan! This will be a series where we follow the successes and lessons from someone working their way up in the powerlifting world!