Beginners Guide to Conventional Deadlift

Beginners Guide to Conventional Deadlift

In ANY anime universe, the deadlift is the most absolute measure of a characters strength (at least with lifting). Either you lift the weight or... well you can't.

So, why are deadlifts amazing?

We'll try to keep it short and sweet for you: It is BASICALLY the king of all lifts.

  • It works your grip
  • It works your back
  • It works your core
  • It works your ass

Not only that, but the deadlift can also be considered more of a basic human movement than the squat or bench.

Improving deadlift strength can mean that you'll reduce injuries later in life because not only are you stronger, but you understand your body better.

This is the 2nd part of our For Beginners series where we try to help people take a deeper step into the strength world!

The Quick Overview for Conventional Deadlift

  1. Step up to the barbell with your feet roughly shoulder width apart while having your toes pointed straight to slightly angled outward.
  2. Initiate a hip bend by pushing your hips slightly back then hinging them and your knees so both hands grip the bar JUST outside of your shins.
  3. While gripping the bar, tuck your lats into your back pocket. This helps keep your back nice and tight
  4. With a neutral spine, breath in and BRACE your butt and brace stomach.
  5. Raise your hips a little bit and CRANK them solidly back down to create tension in your hips.
  6. Press down through the floor like it's a leg press WHILE keeping your bod flexed.
  7. As the bar rises, squeeze your BUTT and continue tucking your lats in. This will help you lock out the top with good knee unbendables.
  8. Then you just... put that movement in reverse until the bar hit's the floor.

    Common Mistakes while Deadlifting

    1 - Trying to be a Cat

    A small amount of flexion through the upper spine is ok and won't cause any increased risk of injury, however rounding your lower back is something that is a massive no-no.

    If you hyper flex your lower back, you may want to look at investing into a powerlifting/strength training belt. This isn't a sign of weakness, but in fact a way for you to increase your pulls while staying healthy.

    2 - Looking up to the sky

    Try to look either forward or even slightly down. If you look up to the ceiling your spine is more likely to flex.

    To avoid this, much like a squat, pick a spot on the wall and focus on that from when you initiate the pull to when you finally lock it out. This is going to be huge for locking them shoulders back as well.

    3 - Humping the Bar

    If the bar starts to catch on your legs or it's a bit heavy, you may notice that you start bouncing the bar up and down to try and lock out. If that happens, it's normal!

    An easy way to remedy the thigh to friction equation is to add a bit of baby powder to your drumsticks. If it ain't the friction, try your best to deflate your ego and lower the weight carefully like you lower the bar.

    4 - Squatting the Deadlift

    You are not starting in the bottom of your squat position and standing up – it is a different movement.

    5 - Letting the bar go Tokyo Drift

    Keep the bar close to your body but keeping THEM LATS LOCKED IN. If the bar starts to windmill, you'll be at a bit higher risk of injury.

    You can address this by trying different EQUAL grip widths to see what works for you. Another trick is to keep your core braced to make sure the helicoptering doesn't start.

    6 - Doing a Stripper Pull

    If your ass rises quicker than your chest, start to address that. Your chest should lead the movement, and your entire body should move upward at the same pace. If you focus on pushing through with your hips instead of locking your legs out, you'll start to make it better.

    7 - Trying to Curl the Weight

    Keep your arms flexed at the elbow. Don't bend your elbows to try and move the weight quicker as it can cause injury.

    8 - Using Chalk as a Friction Reducer

    You use chalk on your hands to increase grip and REDUCE slip... Why would you put that on your thighs to make the bar glide up your legs? This isn't a form mistake, so you better not make it.

    Pulling It All Together

    When it comes to the deadlift, make sure that you learn how to do it properly. This may mean getting under the watchful eye of a coach or trainer so you can make small adjustments to keep you safe.

    Crafting Comic-Con bodies isn't easy, but the deadlift can help you become the anime character of your dreams. Make sure that you continue to follow this series so you can take that journey into anime greatness.


    If you are looking to follow and learn from some amazing people and powerlifters follow the links below or read this article for some great stories. Or if you are looking for programming, you can find one of our free programs here or you can reach out to one of our team members to see how to take your training to the next level.

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