Why Should You Do Powerlifting?

Why Should You Do Powerlifting?

By: Brian Morehouse

So you are wondering what this 'powerlifting' thing can do for you?

Maybe you heard about it while watching one of the strongest females of all time pull an EASY 600lbs on The Ellen Show.

Maybe you saw someone put a bar on their back and move up and down... repeatedly.

Or maybe the social media bug has finally caught you!

Whatever the moment of interest, here are 10 reason that YOU should start powerlifting today.

Table of Contents:

  1. Powerlifting is a safe style of strength training
  2. Powerlifting improves YOUR overall health
  3. Powerlifting builds strength in your entire body
  4. Join a strong, welcoming community
  5. Powerlifting is incredibly simple
  6. Powerlifting is unbelievably rewarding
  7. You are going to build muscle
  8. You will increase your self-confidence
  9. Everyone can be a powerlifter
  10. Powerlifting is just plain fun

#1 – Powerlifting is a safe style of strength training

While all forms of strength training are safe, when done properly, powerlifting is quite possibly one of the safest out there (at least for barbell movements).

Powerlifting rewards you when it's done properly. Great form produces great results and great results produces personal records. While form doesn't always have to be perfect, especially when going for a PR (sometimes you have an off day and sometimes you just send it), your body will thank you for the perfect practice.

This is also paired with as close to single plane movement that you can do. In other strength sports (we won't talk about bodybuilding this time) there is an element of multi-plane/directional movement. Strongman has weighted carries, Olympic weightlifting creates tension and your feet move to get the best press, and CrossFit, while MUCH safer than the memes would have you believe encourages endurance AND strength in certain sessions.

#2 – Powerlifting improves YOUR overall health

All strength and resistance training helps your body out! From stronger bones to help fight osteoporosis to increasing muscle mass or even lowering heart rate, strength training can help do it all!

When it comes to a sport, powerlifting is one that will help you later on in life AND now.

#3 – Powerlifting builds strength in your entire body

A proper powerlifting program will help you build power and strength in your entire body. Whether it is the big 3 (squat, bench, and deadlift) or accessories, which are incredibly important to have fun, you will be building strength in nearly every single muscle your body contains.

This isn't exclusive to just powerlifting either, all strength and resistance training, when done properly will have these huge benefits!

Here is a link to all of our free powerlifting programs if you want to follow along.

#4 – Join a strong, welcoming community

Powerlifting has one of the most accepting communities that we have come across. Anyone and everyone is accepted at powerlifting meets.

From the lightweight classes to super heavy weights the meet day experience is incredibly diverse.

Not only are meets fun, but if you are able to join a powerlifting gym, the community is always there to help you improve and cheer on your PR's

#5 – Powerlifting is incredibly simple

Powerlifting is three lifts held to a certain standard. All you need to do is learn them (there are HUNDREDS of free videos), practice them, and do them. Strength training is really THAT simple. There are ton's of finer details to learn later, but the only way get better is to do them as often as possible.

Your Sunday afternoon softball league is FAR more complicated, and honestly only half as fun.

#6 – Powerlifting is unbelievably rewarding

Loading up weights, building totals, and making gains, all of it is incredibly rewarding.

When you first start out the strength gains come fast and hard, you may see rapid progress even within the same week! With the right program, you can keep these moving forward.

There are also potential physical changes that the mirror will reflect as well. It's not just the weight on the bar or the amount on the scale, sometimes those traps do be looking thicc though.

#7 – You are going to build muscle

While the basics aren't a wide variety, they will build some solid, dense muscle.

Squatting will help your legs, deadlifts help the whole body and bench enhances the mirror muscles. When you pair that with your accessories, BOOM you gonna be looking GOOD. 

#8 – You will increase your self-confidence

Confidence is a skill that can bring you a lot of success in life. It's almost essential for humans to grow and learn.

There is something that is just so... emotionally boosting about powerlifting. Whether its the ability to rip a barbell off the ground, the confidence you help keep people safe (spotting and loading at meets) or just becoming a better conversationalist with others at the gym, powerlifting can help it all.

If you are looking for a few more tips on how to build mental toughness for powerlifting, HERE is a great article to brush up on.

#9 – Everyone can be a powerlifter

Anyone can become a powerlifter and succeed at it, since your biggest competition is you from yesterday.

There have been many, MANY incredible lifters who have battle and won against everything from mental illness to physical limitations. Powerlifting doesn't care about what's "wrong" with you, it only cares about how you treat yourself.

It also doesn't matter if you have access to the best machines that money can buy, because all you need is a barbell, some weights and a rack to get better.

#10 – Powerlifting is just plain fun

Listen, it's just plain fun being strong.

Picking up that bag of dog food for your grandma? BOOM! You got it.

Moving the couch with your friends because you don't have enough money to hire movers? Guess who's using the deadlift? YOU.

Strength and community are a big reason some people get out of bed in the morning, and they got their start with the barbell.

The Final Reason:

If any ONE of these resonated with you, maybe it's time to pick up a barbell, put it on your back and start squatting!

What reason got YOU into being a powerlifter?

If this article piqued your interest about what powerlifting is, read THIS article to gain a deeper understanding.


If you are looking to follow and learn from some amazing people and powerlifters follow the links below or read this article for some great stories. Or if you are looking for programming, you can find one of our free programs here or you can reach out to one of our team members to see how to take your training to the next level.

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