Anime Physiques to Make You Weak Pt. Two

Anime Physiques to Make You Weak Pt. Two

With the response from the first part, we decided to create a part 2 for anime physiques that make grown men weep.

While this is in no particular order, we think we found a few of the greatest grandest shapes anyone has ever seen.

If you are looking for Part 1, read this.

Toriko - Toriko

From food to physiques, Toriko is one THICC man.

Never skipping leg, delt or stomach day, the story of the greatest rare food hunter in existence is something that should be followed only AFTER you've completed your post training meal

Broly - Dragonball Z

THE legendary super saiyan, Broly is a ball of rage and muscle.

With arms big enough to fight galactic wars and a terrifying battle cry to shake the heavens, Broly has more than enough mass to make anyone pray to their god. 

Biscuit Kruger - HunterxHunter

Sometimes, big things come in small packages.

With her unleashed ultra frame, Biscuit can lay the smack down on anyone she sees as a threat or just simply below her.

Just make sure that you don't mention how beefy she is or you may be the one flying across the gym.

Joe Joestar - Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Perhaps the most popular of the Joestars in the entirety of the series. On top of Joe’s finessed sense of humor, charisma, and his over the top moves, he has a physique and the strength that a lot of athletes aspire to achieve. He also has one of the most amazing recognizable cosplays.

Mikasa - Attack On Titan

Introducing the world's newest Best-Girl, Mikasa. She started out as an orphan, taken in by Eren and his family, eventually enlisting in the army to follow Eren. She quickly hones her skills and becomes one of the most skilled soldiers in the 104th Training Corps. Mikasa has a short hairdo and a toned body. She embodies perseverance and hard work.

Noi - Dorohedoro

Noi is possibly one of the buffest cleaners you could name. She’s big, bad, and carefree. She’s a confident fighter and constantly spars with her friend Shin. Not only is she a massive force to be reckoned with, she also has the insane and rare ability to heal.

Takamura - Hajime No Ippo

The Hawk of Japan carries with him the frame of a superheavy hitter.

With a back that people can watch from a distance and a completely different kind of drive, this man may be able to conquer the world over.

Todo - Jujutsu Kaisen

Aoi Todo is everyone’s favorite third-year student from the popular series, Jujutsu Kaisen. His entrance to the series is wild and he comes off as a character that you’re bound to dislike. That is, until he meets Itadori. Todo is a fearless friend with insane abilities and a love for battle. What is most surprising about this character, is his obsession for pop-idol Takada-chan. He’s an unpredictable, but very badass character.

Maki - Fire Force

Tsuchiya - Mob Psycho

Tsuchiya is one of my more favorite characters from the mob psycho series. I love seeing big, buff women portrayed in the manga and anime scene. She’s rough, she's tough, and she packs a hell of a punch. She’s not afraid to go up against any opponent either and that made her a truly admirable character.

Flexing on Them

As we read even MORE series, we're confident that the buff baddies that built this list will be increased exponentially.

Did yours make it this time or are you still waiting to flex on these bad mama jamas?


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