Anime Physiques to Make You Weak

Anime Physiques to Make You Weak

When it comes to anime, there is NO shortage of characters being incredible, either mentally or physically. 

On this list we have gathered some of the most incredibly strong jacked anime characters.

Whether it's picking up the barbell or putting the villain in their place, is your favorite on this list?

(To be perfectly clear, this list is in no literally no order)

Olivier Armstrong - The Strongest Sister - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Starting off with possibly one of the most intense and badass females in all of anime.

Olivier commands the attention of a room from her distain alone. She’s quick-witted and strong, even coming out instantaneously victorious against her brother in a fight for the family estate.

She has never been afraid to get her hands dirty and do the literal heavy lifting herself. This queen of force, precision and power is a hurricane of change in Fullmetal Alchemist.

Roronoa Zoro - The Marimo of Might - One Piece

Within the history of One Piece, Zoro has had one of the most prominent glow up, with good reason.

When it comes to training, he reaches for his ultimate goal of becoming the #1 swordsman on the high seas.

His workouts are so incredible they have inspired people across the internet to squat while holding a barbell in their teeth.

With his his insane ability to push himself and stay consistent following this dream, Zoro may someday unset Mihawk, the pinnacle of his world.  

Guts - The Branded Swolemaster- Berserk

Known as the “Black Swordsman,” Guts is a man who has been through it all and seen even more of it.

Picked up as a newborn after he had been born from his mothers corpse hanging from a tree, Guts was raised and taught to wield a sword, ultimately becoming a child soldier.

After dealing with a lifetime of battles, abuse and betrayals his spirit is almost as strong as hit body.

Amidst battling demons, foes and friend alike, he perseveres and hones his skill and power with the 220lb slab of iron, Guts is gaining renowned as a swordmaster and master of gains.

All Might - The Number One Lifter- My Hero Academia

This is by far one of my most cherished characters in all of anime.

Both the public hero All Might and his private weakened self, Toshinori, are selfless and always willing to give everything he has for the greater good.

His super power is being super buff and well built. If you haven't been a little jealous of his legs, then I don't know if we can be friends.

Yujiro Hanma - The Ogre - Baki

Anyone who is a fan of shonen anime knows full and well what you mean when you say you won't the Hanma ‘ Demon Back.’ Yujiro is someone who is fluent in most styles of fighting, becoming a master of all. Feared by even the U.S. government, Hanma remains the number one most dangerous criminal on the planet. His fighting skills and physique are unparalleled in all of anime history.

Mirko - The Buff Bunny - My Hero Academia

Mirko was one of the first truly strong and buff female characters in anime that I had watched. It was such a cool experience seeing not only a fit woman, but a muscular one make an appearance. Not only that, but she became a very loveable hero as well.

Escanor - Pride and Power cleans - Seven Deadly Sins

Escanor, the Lion Sin of Pride, is a man who boasts about himself, but is also a character who can back it up. Deriving his true power from the sun, Escanor transforms from a skinny, sheepish man, to that of a massively overbuilt tank.

In this form you are able to count every ripple in his bicep and feel every retort in your soul. Not only do his looks improve, but his power levels are almost unbeatable.

Alexander Armstrong - The Strength that was passed down through the Armstrong family for GENERATIONS  - Fullmetal Alchemist

Alexander Louis Armstrong plays almost a polar opposite role to his unstoppable sister.

While his strength and physique are undoubtedly admirable, he also has the ability to be more compassionate and caring towards his loved ones. He also brings some much needed comedic relief to the anime and manga.

In the history of manga, there has been no other character who could pull off tearing their shirt away and hugging people all in one panel.

Toji Fushiguro -The Sorcerer Lifter - Jujutsu Kaisen

If there’s any manga bad boy that’s taken the current world by storm, it’s Toji. With a nickname like “Sorcerer Killer” great things are expected of him.

Born without the ability to wield cursed energy, Toji learned to hone his strength and fighting ability to the highest degree.

At one point he was even capable of nearly killing 2 of the world's top sorcerers. He used his lack of cursed energy to become an almost invisible fighter to any jujutsu sorcerer.

Ultimately, much like the lion sin, he fell victim to his pride in a fight against Satoru Gojo. Nevertheless he was an excellent fighter that was feared for more than his strength.

Yami Sukehiro the Swole Sensei  - Black Clover

While he may be a brash with a short fuse, Yami is an incredible leader and honestly, one of the most yoked men in manga..

Starting off as a foreigner before obtaining his first Grimoire, Yami still maintains his status as an outcast until he meets Julius, who convinces him to join the Magic Knights. His first mission was to join the Grey Deer for a short period of time before he eventually rose through the ranks to create the Black Bulls

Yami is the first to accept oddballs like Asta and the others into  accepts Asta and several others into his squad despite them being refused by several others.

The Strong Conclusion

This isn't the final list of all the hardbodies littering the pages of manga and screens of anime, but we think its a good start.

Who do you think is worthy of being added into the second edition of this? Let us know in the comments down below?


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