The BEST Anime for Powerlifters

By - Brian Morehouse

After consuming well over 350+ series (most to relative completion) and owning hundreds and HUNDREDS of books it's safe to say that I have a LIST of some of the greatest hype building anime and manga of all time... Probably.

These aren't tried and true as perfection, but damn it if they don't make you feel some sort of way you are heartless.

Build the Anime Hype

Mob Psycho

If you are looking for an anime that is dedicated to an ultra strong kid that wants to fit in and succeed by his own effort then you are in LUCK. With animation that will blow your mind, supporting characters who love building you up and introspection on a personal level, Mob Psycho is top tier. Not to mention the Body Improvement Club is what every gym family should strive to be.

Hajime no Ippo

Honestly, Hajime no Ippo is one of the BEST manga and anime series I have gotten the chance to consume. The entire premise is based around a "weak" kid who wants to understand the meaning behind what it takes to be STRONG. There are training arcs, tournament arcs, romance, TRAINING ARCS IN TOURNAMENT ARCS.  The amount time focused on training and improving as an athlete is beyond compare. While it isn't perfect and drags in some sections, there are dozens of lessons to learn over the course of this series.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Absolutely beautiful fight scenes, a BANGER intro and Gojo the monster, what better combo can you ask for when it comes to a series? Fighting your inner demons while looking good doing it has never seemed so effortless.

My Hero Academia

All Might is who WE aspire to be. Boku no Hero Academia is all about going beyond and adding plus ultra effort to everything you do. Besides, how does a mega muscled man smashing in the face of every villain NOT get you excited?

Tokyo Revengers

This was the dark horse of 2021 and from all angles, it's hype the anime! If you are looking for a story that hits the gas and never lets off, this is the anime for you. Get ready for back alley brawls, gut wrenching moments, and a small amount of samurai spirit when you click play.

One Piece

Did you really think we would make a list and NOT include the powerhouse that is One Piece? With an over the top detailed world, ultra fun characters and spine tingling fights that bring you back from the brink of death the Strawhat pirates always have your back before a big lift.

Dragon Ball Z

This is the OG for many powerlifters who love anime. Goku v Frieza? Classic. Super Saiyan transformations? Legendary. Memes about how long fights take? Eternal. If you are wanting to dive into one of the best, this is a great starting point.


BELIEVE IT, that this series is a story about friendship, determination and understanding. All qualities that help reflect better in our personal lives and training. And let's be fully honest, you've tried running with your arms behind your back for speed.

Black Clover

Black Clover knows what kind of show it is and what it's audience wants. With action packed fights, friends pushing to the HIGHEST of highs, and grabbing victory in the face of defeat, the Black Bulls are on parade and creating hype for all the boys and girls to see.

Starting Your Own Anime List

Each and EVERY series on this list has created hype for the people who watched them. Whether you are trying to GO BEYOND or just become the best version of yourself, give these a try.

What anime do YOU watch to get hyped?

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