Embrace the Great Outdoors for Your Daily Exercise Routine

Embrace the Great Outdoors for Your Daily Exercise Routine

Are you tired of the same repetitive gym routine and looking for a literal breath of fresh air in your fitness journey?

It’s time to step out of the confined walls of your box gym and embrace the great outdoors!

Outdoor workouts not only provide a great change of scenery but also offer exciting opportunities to connect with nature and the wild while getting fit. Today we'll explore some fun and engaging workout ideas for outdoor fitness, which are perfect for those who love anime, books, and nerdy culture in general, while enjoying the company of your friends in a community-driven setting.

Anime-Inspired Circuit Training:

If you are wanting to tap into your inner anime hero, you can create an exhilarating circuit style training session.

An easy way to do this is to set up different stations that represent either your favorite anime character or themes that run deep in the anime world. A few examples that you can do would be to channel your inner ninja with classic “Naruto Runs” in between the stations, while doing Goku Jumps (jump squats) or build a beast titan with Attack on Planks!

The fun names are about as endless as the type of health you will be creating with these workouts!

Nerd Culture Parkour:

You can also combine your love for all things nerd and exercise by picking up a new skill, by going hard-core with the parkour inspired workouts!

Start by finding a park or open areas with walls, benches, rails and anything in between and use them for creative body-weight ninja style running. Picture yourself as a daring hero who leaps between buildings or and agile ninja trying to gather information on enemies as you perform new and exciting parkour moves.

We recommend you be cautious though and ensure that you keep safety in mind at all times.

Anime Walk or Run Club:

We all love to talk about our passions and you can do it as a community! Organize a weekly walk or run club in your community to build the bonds of friendship! Choose a super scenic outdoor route and encourage everyone to wear some nerd-themed fitness apparel (cough cough) so you can show what you love!

During these walks or runs, engage in discussions about the latest and greatest anime episodes or chapters in the cool books! These walks or runs help foster a sense of community and build a huge bond over shared interests!

Outdoor Yoga and Meditation:

If you want to unwind or recharge you can try outdoor yoga and meditation sessions either by yourself or a small group of absolutely killer people.

Pick a serene spot such as a park or quiet nature reserve to really delve DEEP into your mind. Doing so can help you practice courage, self-discovery, or personal growth. Incorporate themes and ideas from different anime to potentially expand your mind and learn more about why they are important.

While this can be done anywhere, a good outdoor meditation session helps realign yourself and find out what can be done.


With these incredibly fun and engaging training ideas for outdoor fitness, you won’t just stay physically active but you will nurture your love of nature and nerdy culture. The outdoor environment provides a refreshing backdrop to your fitness journey and foster chances for meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

As always, remember to rep your favorite First Step Apparel fitness gear so everyone knows what you love while you are embarking on your outdoor fitness adventures!

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