Nutrition: How We Eat to Lift

Nutrition: How We Eat to Lift

After the last week of deloading and celebrating my 21st birthday, my diet has been... definitely lackluster. Instead of a training blog this week, I want to talk about my diet and the things I do to maximize my training results so I can get a body like Asta!

First, the most basic and pertinent information on my diet - I eat 3800 calories a day with 205-230g protein, ~480g carbs, and 140g fat, give or take a few grams. Since I am a college student, food is decently hard to afford which makes getting good sources of protein a tough task… especially because I cannot drink protein shakes as they make me very sick! 

My main sources of protein will be from the Triple Zero greek yogurt, it has 15g of protein for a small serving, and typically I will eat 2 of those at a time for either a snack or dessert to my meal. My protein content for the day outside of the yogurt is typically chicken! I find that with my air fryer, chicken is much easier to prepare and seems to be my best option money-wise especially for how dense in protein it is. 

For carbs, I find that Uncle Ben’s prepared rice is the best option, it is not the best “bang for your buck” carb source, but it’s incredibly dense in carbs and very easy, as you only have to microwave it for 90 seconds and it has ~80 carbs per package, the other source for carbs I have is bagels - I find that the versatility and price of bagels make them an unbeatable option for mixing up the diet while maintaining a good macro split!

Finally, for fat I typically will have my “cheat” foods of the day - which often are some sort of chips or peanut butter. Almost every day I end my day with two PB&J sandwiches, and it has never gotten old to me. Along with this food, I drink a gallon of water a day - which has absolutely revolutionized my training.

It may seem simple, but that’s my diet! The main thing that I had to learn as I moved out on my own and had to start prepping my own diet while on a budget was finding foods that are versatile, while having good macro content. If you look at every food I eat, they can be used in almost any dish imaginable, and have good macros. Therefore, I will find a way to prepare the chicken and rice, I will ride that dish for a week - then find a new way to do it next week. In my opinion, that is the true secret to maintaining a diet long term - finding versatility in the monotony. 

That concludes this week’s blog post! I know it’s a short one, but next week will be a good one - as so far this training week has been amazing… so be ready for that post! I hope everyone reading has a great week and I will see you all next week!


Hi! I’m Payton Cowan, I am a sponsored athlete of First Step Apparel and I’ve been powerlifting for many years now! I am a full time college student and a huge anime fan! My favorite anime of all time is either Violet Evergarden or Naruto.

For coaching requests, shoot an email to, or DM me on Instagram @thejackedmclovin!

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