How to Get Fit Like a Nerd

How to Get Fit Like a Nerd

By: Max Hall

No Hero started his journey being a pro.  Go Plus Ultra this year with these 4 nerdy tips from Pokemon, DnD, DBZ, and MHA. Using these tips I will teach you how to go from student to pro. Learn to create habits that will matter in your life this year.

Relax like a Snorlax

Everyone wants to set a flashy fitness goal. They want to lose 30lbs or get jacked like Machamp. Do you know what’s not flashy? Sleep and nor is the lovable powerhouse Snorlax but don’t doubt the power of either.  Much like the bolstered defense of the mighty Snorlax sleep sets you up to defend against the many stressors of life that can derail you.

This year set a goal to make sleeping a positive habit. Set yourself a goal of how long you would like to sleep for. Track it by either using a sleep tracker OR journal and make THIS your best habit of the year.

Buff Your Strength Stat

If you’re a Dungeons & Dragons player, you already know the most important stat that you can max out is strength (definitely not personal bias).

Getting stronger helps everything in regards to life. Getting stronger supports nearly every fitness goal and helps build mental strength to back you up. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, be healthier, or simply just stay mobile as you get older strength training will support those goals.

Strength training also has this way of increasing a persons grit. This mental strength, this grit, has a lot to do with their ability to withstand any hardship that life throws at you. The more hard stuff you withstand the easier it gets for you to endure later. Strength training is subjecting yourself to hard, difficult stuff so you can be better prepared for life’s hard stuff when it pops up.

Super Saiyan comes before Super Saiyan 2

When Goku was fighting Frieza did he jump right to Super Saiyan 2? No, he had to learn and master the original Super Saiyan form first.

Stop getting ahead of yourself and trying to do everything at once. Take one step at a time. Learn to create one habit at a time. You don’t need to start working out 5 days a week, eating nothing but chicken and broccoli, hitting all your macros, drinking your water, fixing your sleep, meditating, and stretching all at once.

Pick one thing that is manageable. Do that thing for 1-6 months until it feels like a habit. If you feel like you have the bandwidth add another thing and repeat. If you’re not where you want to be but you don’t have bandwidth for more find out what you need to do to make the space for more habits and successes.

Don’t try going super Saiyan 2 before you learn super Saiyan 1. It wont work and you will burn yourself out. There’s levels to this. whole health and fitness thing

Even Heroes Fall

How many times has Midoriya messed up in My Hero Academia? He is constantly running into challenges that could ruin anyone. From not having a quirk, to not being strong and knowing how to use his quirk, or even getting into UA. The list of obstacles he has to overcome is endless.

Deku always gets up though because that’s what heroes do. You will run into your own challenges. Go Plus Ultra and overcome them. Don’t be afraid to fall and if you do fall don’t be afraid to get back up and try again. If you go off plan with your training and nutrition that’s okay it happens just refocus and re-center.


This is your year. Become the Super Saiyan God you’re meant to be. When life throws you challenges roll a Nat20 and endure. Catch them all in your dreams and GO PLUS ULTRA when you fall.

When it comes down to it, nerds succeed because we have all these lessons to learn from.

What are some absolutely killer tips that you have?


If you need support in the form of a coach this year and this article resonated with you; I’m the Nerd for the job. Reach out to me at Follow my Podcast “The Plus Ultra Fitness Podcast” for weekly motivation.

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