The 4 BEST Exercises for Powerlifters

The 4 BEST Exercises for Powerlifters

By: Brian Morehouse

While not every body is the same, everybody can benefit from incorporating similar movements or movement patterns into their training routine.

Most people will go over why the Big Three are the kings, and we aren't talking anime basics here. While they are cool and all, they aren't the end all, be all of training and getting strong.

Here are 5 exercises or movement patterns that will help create a path for success, and the best part is, nearly anyone and everyone can do them.

Pull-Up and Roll OUT

It's time for you to pull-up and roll out. The pull up works so MANY different muscles in so many ways it's almost impossible to summarize it in a paragraph or two, but I'll try.

From your grip to biceps and core to back, your body is feeling the HEAT with this movement. If it starts to get way to easy, perfect, change your hand position or width. Still easy? Add some weight to that body with a belt or hanging something between your legs. If the pull up is done right, you will build a back and grip that will make

ANYONE jealous of your wingspan

For those of you that can't do a pull up, simple, pull up harder.

But really, if you are unable to do a pull-up there are different variation that you can do to make it much more manageable. You can add bands below your feet to help take weight off or go do assisted pull ups on a machine. Even a lat pull down will help you start to build the motor pattern to do a pull up.

Don't over look this deceptively simple exercise just because there isn't much to it.

Neutral Grip Pressing, Like Switzerland

Do you want to hammer your triceps, but don't want to worry about your shoulders? Or maybe you think that the football bar looks fun! No matter the reason, neutral grip pressing is a GREAT way to slay your bench while adding in elements to keep it fresh and clean.

One fun way to incorporate this into your everyday training is to use it as your dumbbell work and go for some nutso reps. It's simple to do this movement. Grab a set of dumbbells, lay on a flat bench (or incline if you are feeling so inclined) and press up while having your palms face one another. Keep them elbows nice and aligned, close to your body and you'll be good to go.

You may be saing "I'm at home and have no access to any bars or dumbbells!" Well surprise brussel sprout, you have a built in neutral grip exercise ON YOUR FREAKING BODY. That's right, push-ups can be done with a neutral grip and are a great way to pack on pounds to your gains.

Lunge Away from Here

Let's talk about YOUR legs. Yes, your beefy, meaty squat sticks.
Have you been isolating them one another recently? And I don't mean in quarantine. If not, you may be missing out on some absolutely astounding gains in your already magnificent squat.

Lunging is something many people fear, and if you don't, you are stronger than most. This 'isolation' exercise works a ton of areas in different ways. From high rep walking lunges (bye bye lungs and legs) to lower rep power reps (nearly die on these a lot) lunges are a great way to build up individual leg strength without much access to equipment.

If you are wanting to take this up another notch, a similar motion pattern but oddly harder exercise is the Bulgarian Split Squat. This is where you place your rear foot up on an elevated surface and get REALLY close to quitting lifting. If not, you have just unlocked something absolutely untouchable for gains.

    Walking on Eggshells

    Listen, lets keep this simple. Do you want to have longevity in the sport? Do you NOT want to get winded walking up stairs? Then just go for a walk.

    It doesn't have to be long and brutal, anything will do. Just set an objective and go for it. Really.

    Programming Your Success

    Any ONE of these movement patterns can create a pathway to success, but they aren't the end all be all of building a better body.

    The most important thing to realize as an athlete is that YOU can make decisions as to what feels good and what you respond to as a lifter. You can be mindful about adding these things to your routine and seeing what fits you.

    What are some other exercises you can think of that add to your routine?

    Powerlifting Coaching

    If you are looking for coaching or programming you can find free programs here or you can reach out to one of our team members to see how to take your training to the next level.

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