Shaping Your Fitness Goals Like Chakra

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Just wanted to say thank you for always reading our articles. Today we have a short but sweet post by Evan Gorr aka Evouzumaki. Give it a read and help apply it to the GOALS you have set for yourself.

BY: Evouzumaki

We all know, it is much easier to work towards something when there is an end goal in sight. It can be something as simple as wanting to fit in the jeans you wore all those years ago, whatever it is make sure it is a time sensitive and achievable win.
Many times, I see people shooting for things that are unrealistic, they post a movie star on social media and say, “Today is the day I start working towards looking like…!” When you see that, you can pretty much fill in the rest. Usually however, after a couple weeks of hard work and dedication the goal is abandoned.

It’s not like you didn’t work hard, its not that you didn’t make progress; the reason one gives up is because they set the bar way to high to begin. So, when making that goal make it time sensitive and achievable. Example being, “In one month I will feel my pants being a little less tight”.

Once the goal is done, you can work towards another! This will make it a lot easier to see progress and have the motivation to keep achieving goals. 

Goals are amazing, but how can we take a goal and start working on it?

  • First, you need to decide what interests you and what is important to you? Are you going for fat loss or are you just looking to be able to hit the stairs without gasping for breath at the top? The best part about deciding, is you can always change it up!
  • Ask yourself what interests you the most fitness wise. If you like a challenge and want to see lots of changes in body composition and weight-loss I always suggest weightlifting. Not only will this encourage you to push yourself to increase the amount your life, but weightlifting blasts body fat. You will want to aim for 4-6 reps for 3 sets, and lift about 85% of the heaviest you can do for 1 rep. This will result in the quickest muscle gains and fat loss you can find.
  •  If you are looking to just get healthier in general I always suggest a daily brisk walk. Many people think you need to run to see results from cardio, its not true! You can blast fat and burn calories just by walking for 30 minutes a day. So, grab your kids, your dog, heck even your cat and go for a nice walk! 

Look at all your anime heroes, most of them didn’t get where they are now without the hard work. Goku trained, died, and suffered to become earth’s hero. Asta pushed himself to be physically strong when he had no magic at his disposal. And Naruto became friends with the demon inside and worked tirelessly to master Jutsus.

Your journey is a beautiful thing, full of highs and lows!  


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