Build Arms like Armstrong

Have you ever wanted to be the worlds best hugger? Or maybe you want pythons that would make even Gaston blush with envy!

The secret that has been passed down to nerds for GENERATIONS is about targeting your triceps and brutalizing your biceps in different ways, while keeping your joints healthy.

This Arms like Armstrong routine has been tested by yours truly and when I tell you my arms have never looked better, well... It feels like my guns have been hitting the Transmutation Circle instead of just the gym.

Follow along for an absolutely ASTOUNDING pump and a killer way to keep your routine flowing. 

Arms like Armstrong

Regular Grip Lat Pulldowns 4 sets of 15 Reps

Adding Lat Pulldowns at the start of your day is a great way to get in a bit of extra back work while also warming up your arms for the movements to come! Really focus on the squeeze and get that back a pumping!

Straight Bar Curls 3 sets of 12

The ORIGINAL gangsta of arm movements!

These curls are something to set your clock by because they never let you down. You don't need a lot of weight with the straight bar to feel that gnartastic gain of biceps you have been wanting

If you want to do it right, don't rock back and forth to get it up and PLEASE SQUEEZE at the very top.

All we ask is that you don't curl in a squat rack, unless you are at home... For the safety of those around you.

Hammer Curls 3 sets of 15 reps /15 reps/ AMRAP (Go until failure)

Hammer curls are a great way to build arm size while keeping your joints in check.

John Meadows provides some great insight on what massive mammoth builders these can be with 3 different examples, but he left off my favorite one. Rope hammer curls on the cable machine.

Pick your poison with these and have fun!

Concentration Curls 3 sets of 20 reps

When it comes to arm training there is almost nothing more iconic than the ballistic concentration curl.

A favorite from years past, this isolation and isolating exercise is a quick way to build peaks. If you can, find a chair or bench in front of the mirror to make aggressive eye contact with yourself, its a game changer.

Rolling DB Extension 3 sets of 20 reps

This is a new favorite of mine for absolutely BLASTING your triceps while also keeping my arms functional. Regular laying skull crushers leave my elbows unhappy and incredibly upset, while these cause me to break out in a HUGE smile.

The best tip for these is really squeeze the arm at the top of the extension to get a full, controlled pump in your arms.

Tricep Pushdown 3 sets of 15 reps /15 reps /AMRAP (Go until failure)

The OLD stand by for triceps. It can be done with an EZ bar, straight bar, V-bar or anything in between.

For this version we recommend that you use the V-Bar. While pushing down focus on forcing the set handles away from one another. This takes the sets to a new level of insanity, while also give you that promised horse shoe on your body.

Around the World Curls 3x10 each grip or 3x40 total

This is a real arm killer right here! Around the World Curls are one of the easiest ways to get a LOT of reps in while also saving you a ton of time.

The movement is simple. Using the EZ-Curl bar do 10 reps with your hands touching the collars. After those 10 are completed IMMEDIATELY move your grip in to the next palm up position and repeat 10. Move your hand closer for a close grip do 10 then flip your hands around to do reverse curls.

That's it... Simple, brutal, time saving.

Eternity Standing Skull Crushers: 3 sets of 40 reps

Standing Skull crushers are a monster to deal with! But when they go on for eternity, they provide a HUGE pump that really pushes you to that next level of arm growth.
On this exercise I like to balance out my arms by trying to do similar weight to the Around the Worlds. Part of this is to make it quick to go from exercise to exercise and partially because by the end, my hands can barely hold the bar above my head!

The best tip for this, minus watching the video is KEEP YOUR CORE BRACED. A solid spine creates safe movements.

Feel the Burn

Now that you are done, hopefully your quaking arms can make it home in time to hug a homie!

What did you think of the training session, let us know in the comments below and maybe add your own spin so we can see what kind of Full Muscle Alchemist you are!

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